Wednesday, March 22, 2006

words on your heart

About a month ago I joined some brothers to set out on a journey of discipleship, meeting weekly. To some, the very word raises hairs and makes you want to turn and run. What I have enjoyed most thus far is the joy of having God's word on my heart. That may not sound exciting...especially because it involves memory verses. But whether you are a believer in Christ or not, try taking some verses of God's word, writing them on a card, and referring to it throughout the day (actually speaking the words), and see if it doesn't alter your focus throughout the day.
I find great encouragement through this. My focus is shifted away from my own "kingdom" and toward God's promises. The same promises He made to His children in Israel, to the early church, are true today. Cultures change, generations pass, yet God is God and continues to create for His glory and His purposes. Even if you don't believe this, and perhaps think I'm crazy, give it a try and believe it for a day to see how life might be different.
Living in this way is a walk in faith that my actions today (how I steward my time, money, words, thoughts) have greater implications than I imagine, far beyond my own satisfaction and peace. These are graces God gives us to see Him, touch Him , and experience Him...the tangible glimpses in the midst of faith. And this is not for us to pat ourselves on the back and feel good, but to walk in His radiance and His glory.


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