Tuesday, December 13, 2005

new material

Last week and this week I've been working with Jars on new material...it is the most focused time I've had with them all year, and it is very refreshing to spend so much time with them. We're basically giving acoustic/stripped down demos life as a band, seeing how they translate with more instruments involved. The actual recording starts in early January, and the goal is to get songs to a good place so that everyone is on the same page when we get in the studio. I've already been asked, "What is the next record going to sound like?", and I honestly don't know yet. There are songs all across the roadmap, and more songs than will actually be on the record. We're just seeing where they go at this point.

Tonight our neighborhood group is going caroling at a nursing home in our area, and will get together afterwards for a little Christmas party. I haven't gone caroling in such a long time, and Sam has never been. I'm sure the kids will bring some excitement to things, as always! I'll give a report in the coming days.


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