Monday, March 06, 2006


Busy-ness affects the spirit in so many ways. Instead of living in full intentionality (living "according to the Spirit") I switch to managing well (or not so well) and occasionally realize I've lost control (what I internally dread). How does it often look on the outside?
Intentionality is focused on others; Managing well brings myself and my priorities/needs
into the picture; Losing control puts all the focus on myself, and whether or not I am doing what I need to do for my benefit and my satisfaction and my idea of "peace".

How easily the human heart and mind shift from other-centeredness to self. That is, except for one Man, who in His darkest hour continued a life of intentionality and brought life through death--the only true hope to this world.


At 1:20 PM, Blogger caparoon said...

I'm with you, Aaron. Intentionality is a lost art, especially in our culture. Other parts of the world still have this as an essential part of their lifestyle.

I love our freedom and ingenuity and drive, here in the West, but I think maybe it's time for the pendulum to swing back a little.

People, our age, especially.. are living a lifestyle of busyness that we inherited from generations before us. It's not until now, as we approach midlife, that we slow down enough to think, "hey! When did I sign on for this?"

It's nice to have the flower beds weeded, but give me an evening of coffee and conversation, and I'll gladly accept a few weeds.


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