Friday, April 29, 2005

big birthday

Sam is now officially 2 years old…the big leap was made yesterday, with a water party at our house with friends. Of course, it was supposed to be “water” with hoses, sprinkler’s and such, but the weather decided to just make it rain (with a bit of chill) to keep us inside. Nonetheless, Sam delighted in time with his buddies. He also has some new toys, graciously given, that he’s rolling, carrying, and ravaging everywhere. I think he heard his birthday song so many times (thanks for calling, aunts, uncles, grandparents and all) that by the afternoon he’d just start singing it to himself in the third person.

Last night I played a show with Randall Goodgame at the Family Wash, a venue around the corner from the house. We jammed and had a fantastic time, though we were a little disappointed in the size of crowd. When you play here in Nashville, you never know how many “yeah, I’ll be there to see you”s will actually show up. Regardless, friends and fans were there in part and we had a blast with them. Others just missed out, I guess.

Cari is getting ready for the ½ marathon in the morning, trying to get some extra hydration throughout the week and make sure she is rested. It’s an early morning tomorrow, as she must be at the starting area around 6-6:15am. Sam and I will be joining friends in supporting her at a couple of points along the way as well as at the finish. Oh, and our friends Craig and Jana—Craig is our pastor at City Church—had a baby girl yesterday. Sam will have a birthday buddy☺ We hope to go see them at some point today to share in their newfound joys!


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