Thursday, March 30, 2006

spring is in the air

Yesterday we spent some time in the yard preparing our garden for the coming season. For those who may just be jumping on board, we got our feet wet with a 16 x 20 garden last year, growing snap beans, carrots, zucchini, corn, and oh so many tomatoes. We learned a lot and have been putting together improved strategy for this year, as well as expanding to 20 x 20. We've already started some broccoli, peppers (jalepeno, green, etc), cantaloupe, and a few others inside...some will be transplanted into the garden this weekend, and our garden will take shape by April 15th (the supposed last frost date here). We'll be trying strawberries, lettuce, spinach, corn, and some other things throughout the year...and we're also trying to do better with repeated sowings in order to have production throughout the summer and not just for a short time for each food. More to come as the seasons progress.

I had a great time with some brothers this morning being reminded that every man and woman is made in the image of God. Christians should be known for responding accordingly, giving respect and love to all regardless of creed, race, politics, or cultural inclinations. Yeah, this sounds great, but it is so difficult to live. It takes something beyond my ability, and accomplishes things beyond my expectations. This is where God leaves signposts and displays his power and love, and what a privilege to walk in it. It gives purpose to every moment. It gives tangible evidence of God's mercy and grace, though only in part so that we longingly yearn for the new heavens and new earth to come.

What is a great way to start living this out? These brothers and I are taking part in a little exercise: to try not to gossip, deceive, boast, put others down, and defend ourselves (for our own reputations) over the next least to notice our tendencies and not feed them further. This cannot just be to put notches in our belts or feel good (I'm good at that already). It is a way to glimpse into the human heart and understand a little more of the depth of God's love for us...and to be light for others in the midst of this. Perhaps you'll try this as well, with right intentions...


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Aaron!

Sounds exciting... Renee and I tried the porch garden last year... thought about expanding it... but wow... the time it takes! Good luck and keep me in mind when those strawberries start showing up!

Hope all is well with you!


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