Thursday, June 23, 2005

a little upright and done

I finished up studio work for the week, playing the upright bass on a couple of songs today. The artists--Greg Adkins and Kevin Lawson--provided some good songs, and Paul Eckberg and I hopefully added something to them for the better. I hadn't joined Paul in a rhythm section in quite awhile. Its so great to be surrounded by some solid drummers here in town.

Speaking of drummers, I get to play with Joe this weekend as I hit the road (actually the sky) for a day with Jars...we're going to New York City for the Greater New York Billy Graham Crusade. I'm thankful for the opportunity and look forward to giving a report from this one. I'll have a 6am curbside call and 4:45am (EeeksternST) lobby call included, but those are minor technicalities:)

We've hosted our neighborhood group for 2 weeks now, and had a delightful time Tuesday night digging deeper into Romans 1:1-17...more on this soon. For now I must go...


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