Sunday, October 08, 2006

leadership and basses for sale on ebay

Coming off a 2-day conference in Atlanta called Catalyst, listening to Andy Stanley, Marcus Buckingham, John Maxwell, George Barna, Gary Haugen, Rich McKinley, and Donald Miller. Very helpful in thinking through the Gospel and leadership in all of calling, whether work, family, church, or others. 8 of us from the Blood:Water Mission crew (staff and volunteers) drove down for a little reward and refreshment. Though it was so much to digest in a little time, it has already brought new vision and ideas for what lies ahead.

On another note, let you bass playing friends know LinkI'm finally ebay-ing some basses. Links are below...

--My first bass of my career is up for sale, a Fender Jazz Bass Plus from 1990-91. Hard to part with this for sentimental reasons especially, but it is ready for someone else to play.

--My second bass is up for sale as well...a 5 string Carvin fretless. I purchased this leading up my audition with Jars of Clay in Dec 1995. Aside from playing it for my audition (a show here in Nashville in front of my friends and musical heroes:), I toured with it for several years and have used it in the studio.

--Lastly, a 4 string Carvin P-series is up for sale...this is a versatile bass that includes adjustable pick-ups in each string saddle.


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