Friday, August 25, 2006

why i like chesterton (pt 3)

Answering 3 questions from Robert Blanchford, as they debated within their newspaper columns 1903:

1. Are you a Christian? Certainly

2. What do you mean by the word Christianity? A belief that a certain human being whom we call Christ stood to a certain superhuman being whom we call God in a certain unique transcendental relationship which we call sonship.

3. What do you believe? A considerable number of things. That Mr. Blatchford is an honest man, for instance. And (but less firmly) that there is a place called Japan. If he means what do I believe in religious matters, I believe the above statement (answer 2) and a large number of other mystical dogmas, ranging from the mystical dogma that man is the image of God to the mystical dogma that all men are equal and that babies should not be strangled.

4. Why do you believe it? Because I perceive life to be logical and workable with these beliefs and illogical and unworkable without them.

Public debate with a little sassiness...doubt we'd see this debate in any newspaper columns today!


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