Thursday, April 13, 2006

krazy praise

Back in the studio again with Ken L, Andy G, Ben S, Dave H, and JimmyJam for another edition of Krazy Praise. A couple of years ago we recorded Krazy Praise 1 and 2, and apparently they would like to release volume 3 in a print edition including a CD. Its fun being a dad while recording these songs, thinking about what gets Sam excited about singing along with songs. Any excuse to get together with these guys is a good one and one I look forward to; what a privilege to make music with them!

Speaking of Sam singing, his thing these days is to take songs he knows and make jibberish versions of them. Occasionally it leads to butchering hymns and the like, which we try to avoid, of course. He's also been playing lots of harmonica, carrying two (different keys, of course) around the house and switching back and forth. We introduced Buddy Greene to him last week, which features some brilliant harp playing and fun bluegrass.

I took Sam to the downtown library yesterday morning for story time, and it was so much fun watching him interact with the people and action. Looking into his eyes you can just see the wheels turning. JJ the lamb, the Spanish Fox, and Cedric the dragon all made appearances (they are puppets), and a ballerina from the Nashville Ballet Co. was the special guest. This library provides great opportunities to involve children (story time, marrionette shows, etc), and I always leave feeling like we don't use it to our full ability. He loves to get a new batch of books every week, old and new, and we spend a lot of time reading and rereading them with him. Favorites right now are Toot & Puddle, Curious George, and Lentil (Robert McCloskey character).


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