Monday, August 29, 2005

home by rule of hurricane

The wet weekend finished well, though it was a miserable experience with United Airlines. Thankfully we made it to Mass. and back, which was in doubt before we left Nashville due to airline issues. I was with Little Big Town, and we played the Taste of the World festival near Springfield, MA. I have had so much fun with these guys, as the songs are pretty ingrained in my mind and I can just have fun playing the music each show.

We (the family) had a great trip to Chattanooga for a Friday night show with LBT, opening up for Clint Black. It was a nice breath from Nashville life, though we didn't get a chance to do much outside of walking around downtown. The highlight for Sam was that it was Harley weekend, with thousands of bikes filling the streets downtown. He loved watching the people and the action, listening to the pipes fire up and rumble down the road.

I was supposed to rehearse today and fly to Baton Rouge tomorrow with Andrew Osenga and friends for a show...unfortunately the hurricane had other ideas. Hopefully it will work out to play the rescheduled show, though I haven't heard yet. He writes some great songs, and I was really looking forward to this one.

Its Monday night, and I'm in the middle of the draft for my fantasy football league, 12 of us gathered around the draft board pouring over lists and numbers. I randomly selected a list at Football Docs, and picked according to their suggestions. I've used a little of my own thinking, but figured why not try an underground approach (everyone uses ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, and such). We'll see how it plays out throughout the fall.


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