Monday, April 11, 2005

sunny days

We finished up a weekend of outdoors, spending most of the daytime hours in the sun and shade working and playing. As the last frost date for middle TN nears (next weekend), we are trying to get everything in order with the garden. The excitement and tension builds--will we have green thumbs? I mowed the lawn for the first time, knocking off the tops of many of the weeds and giving our lawn a brief respite from the uneven weedy look. The ol' Snapper (yes, its a mid-80's model) is still kicking after the winter, though I think I need to sharpen the blade.

Studio work went well Thursday and Friday. I had a lot of fun playing bass again, not to mention the joys of catching up with friends and meeting new people. Today I have a meeting for Blood:Water here in town, and tomorrow I'll be back in the studio working with Matthew Perryman Jones and an artist he knows. I'll try to check in later today, but wanted to take a moment to say hello.


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