Tuesday, March 22, 2005

tillers and more

We had a great weekend with Cari's dad and sister (Lindy) over the weekend, though it went much too fast. Our neighbor let us borrow his tiller on Saturday, and I spent most of the afternoon getting tilled while tilling the garden...remembering his words: "When you eat a fresh tomato from your garden in July, you'll be thankful for the hard work you put into it." I woke up Sunday morning a little sore from the work, but we accomplished so much. After tilling the 14 x 20 plot a few times, we'd fill up the ol' wheelbarrow with the grassy soil and then till some more. We also pulled his truck around the back yard and used a chain to pull up some stumps of the many weed trees that had overgrown. That alone saved us many hours of digging with shovels, only to chase roots around underground.

I'm working with Rick again this week, cutting drywall patches, jacking up a floor, painting...a little bit of everything. We moved a couple of windows and took care of the siding patching last week. I'm learnind a bunch and having lots of fun in the midst of it.


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