Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I think I'm pretty much adjusted back to the central time zone and family life at home. I came home on Friday to a weekend with Sam, which went well, but mom was definitely missed. She had a delightful time on a retreat with other women from City Church. Since her return, we've helped each other catch up on sleep because she has been just as tired from her weekend.

I was with some brothers yesterday morning, and they asked for a summary of my trip. Though I didn't have the same investment in the Philipinnes as Africa, I still valued our experience and came away with some thoughts to share. First, I am humbled and awed by the way God's Spirit moves throughout the world...His kingdom on earth. To spend 30+ hours in airports and airplanes as well as cover enough time zones to be 14 hours ahead of central time, yet still experience the joys and sorrows of fellow believers was incredible. Unfortunately we didn't travel outside the city much, so we only saw certain views of their world. But we saw the effects of the fall--poverty, hunger, socio-economic divides--as well as the effects of God's presence and people---meeting needs, passion for His kingdom.

I also realized (again) my joy in playing music to worship and serve God. This was my first show with Jars since Thanksgiving, other than a short new year's eve event, and I saw the Spirit move through hands and voices and gifts in this beautiful and unique manner. I'm thankful for the opportunities to do this both in the studio and live...and look forward to each one as it comes.

Returning to life in Nashville has thankfully been a gracious process. Though I had some studio work on Saturday, I've been able to relax a little and recuperate. Its been refreshing to reconnect with family, as phone calls were 50 cents/minute (thankfully we could chat with ichat/instant messenger some of the time free of charge), and nothing compares to one on one time! I will be working with our friend Rick down the street for a few days, continuing to remodel a house...which I enjoy greatly.


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