Monday, March 28, 2005

$250k and sleep needed

A happy Easter weekend to all! There is certainly much to rejoice about, and nothing greater than the risen Christ. We may be fools to the world for our faith, yet if indeed Christ was raised from the dead, our hope allows us the freedom to find rest, fight, and hope in the Gospel truth.

I find myself in a hotel room in Colorado Springs tonight, ready to sleep a little before flying back to Nashville at sunrise. I flew here this morning and joined Jena and Joel for Blood:Water Mission meetings with Compassion. The agenda was somewhat nondescript...basically an opportunity to bring our passions and efforts to the table and say, "Any ideas on how this could interact?". It was a joy to hear the heart and vision of Compassion--and see it in action with excellence. God uses so many arms and legs and knees and ears and mouths in His kingdom to bring glory to Himself while bringing healing to this world.

You may be wondering about the $250k in the title...well, K-LOVE and Air One radio hosted a 12 hour telethon last Thursday for Blood:Water Mission (and the 1000 Wells Project specifically) over their 500 stations nationwide. Up front we knew that generally $50-80,000 is brought in through similar events. Jars and Jena and Joel manned the mics throughout the telethon, stationed in California. I called them a few hours into it and they had already reached $50,000! A long story short, by the end of the telethon we had raised $250,000!!! What a huge encouragement as we move forward and try to be good stewards of God's gifts on earth, here and in Africa. Words are few to describe the day, but may God use these and future gifts to His glory. He is faithful, and gives far beyond expectations in everything.


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