Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Landing in Africa

Well here is something worthwhile to blog; not that other topics and experiences are lesser, but in a fast-paced world that unfortunately accepts (and promotes) succumbing to some things just to get by, its not easy to find a voice and feel that it is important to share. The beauty is that any person’s work can bear fruit that restores brokenness in the large and small places of the world. We just have a hard time believing that. Most of the time it is easier to ignore the background and history and simply keep the bootstraps pulled up until you reach a point of rest. The trouble is, that rest is the most difficult to accept and promote. It is not oft longed for, yet it is the very thing necessary to enjoy life.

I boarded a plane in Nashville yesterday afternoon and joined some good friends on a journey to Kenya and Rwanda. The itinerary is compelling, including visits with communities Blood:Water Mission has been engaged with for 3 years as well as meeting people for the first time and digging through what it means to sacrifice and serve together. In 2004 I traveled to South Africa and dipped into the HIV/AIDS crisis personally. I have faces and names and stories in mind as I consider the pandemic, which helps prevent paralysis and promotes acting in love and mercy. I learned that every man and woman is born in the image of God, and worthy of love, dignity and respect. That’s easy to say, yet terribly difficult to actual live out. And no matter where I live, work, and move I get the privilege of entering into that struggle with hope every day.

After a short flight to Detroit, we transferred to a plane bound for Amsterdam; about a 7 hour flight, which I filled with the lovely task of cleaning out my email inbox as well as watching Evan Almighty and diving into the #1 Ladies Detective Agency stories (set in Botswana) with The Full Cupboard of Life. Of course there were conversations with friends and a brief hour of sleep as well. Our time in Amsterdam was very brief, as we quickly made our way to our connecting flight that has brought us to Nairobi after another 8 hours. I filled the time with more of the same, but fortunately slept a few hours this time around. We landed in Nairobi in the evening so hopefully I’m worn out enough to sleep heavy tonight.

Tomorrow morning we have a lobby call at 6am to head back to the airport for a short flight to Kisumu. From there we’ll drive a few hours in a matatu to see our friends in Lwala. For some history on this community, check out the film short at

I’ll try to check in again by the weekend after our 3 days in Lwala.


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