Thursday, January 04, 2007

good magazine

We went to Barnes & Noble for our somewhat traditional Sunday morning hang...Sam plays with the trains on the Thomas table and we pick up some magazines to relax and catch up with the world. I usually pick up The Economist, Atlantic Monthly, Foreign Affairs or some other random news magazine to get a broad view of culture and events. Right in the front was a new magazine called Good. It intrigued me immediately by the cover and story taglines, and I picked it up with a few others named above just in case it was not "good".

Good has some refreshing approaches: money has been raised to allow the magazine to be published and hopefully stay afloat, so subscribers select from 12 organizations that receive the full $20 subscription to continue their "good" work; each issue finishes with a "project", an opportunity for the reader to think about action; and overall sense of honesty and straight-forwardness.

I particularly enjoyed this article entitled Unconscious Consumption [Click here].

As always, critical thinking and discussion is vital in these things...perhaps this will lead to some for all of us.


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