Thursday, July 13, 2006

starting the day

The LORD knows my heart, yet I live as though I must convince...I must pretend...I must please. Out of pure desires I put self and idols in place rather than trusting in God. Created in his image, freed by the LORD just as he delivered Israel from Egypt and slavery, yet my life too often reflects "my image" and bondage. Motivations are for personal gain or to equalize an idea of karma, and rarely reflect the true, earnest, pure desires of Jesus and the living God.

This may be the way it is today, but I start the day identifying these things and praying against them. Not to earn status with God or favor among men, but to reflect God's glory in this world and promote his kingdom instead of my own; to bring him glory and honor. As I am consumed with work and family, this and that--all good things--I pray for a still and steadfast heart, that I would overflow with God's goodness and mercy, for his sake and to his glory.


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