Thursday, May 04, 2006

fun fun fun

What a fantastic weekend here...the birthday celebration squeezed in before the rains, and it was a blast to have Sam's friends (and ours) as well as some family joining us. We ordered 7 pizzas from one of the local favorites, which happened to be right along the route for the Full and 1/2 marathon going on Saturday morning--actually, not far from the end. The boss of the pizza shop helped me carry them across the street in front of runners, and I wondered if we may get jumped along the way.

My early half of the week has been spent in the studio with Mitch and the Andy's...Hubbard and Osenga. Andy H has been swamped with Little Big Town touring, so it was a pleasure to be able to record together again. Congrats to LBT, as their record was recently certified Gold! They're finishing up dates with John Mellencamp, and have a busy summer ahead.

The website is still coming along. It will be a joyful day when it has launched and has settled in across the net. I'm still having a good time, but I'm just anxious to get it out there so that people can start utilizing it. Its going to capture so much of what we're doing, as well as have the groundwork to build upon. One of the hard things is keeping information personal and relational, because everyone craves information, but not all enjoy digging deeper into it and getting feet a little wet.


At 12:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the new site is AWESOME!!! good job. :)


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