Thursday, September 29, 2005

where I am

I find myself standing on a rehearsal stage in Nashville as I type this...preparing to rehearse with Jars for a show Saturday evening in NJ. Its been a couple of months since the last show, and we're rehearsing with Jeremy Lutito, a drummer here in town. We've run in the same circles, but never met until today. Should be fun to play the ol' songs (and a few new ones) and spend some time together. I think we're playing "Waiting", which will be on the Songs From Chronicles of Narnia cd.

I've transitioned out of some of my workload with Blood:Water Mission to help me gradually focus on donor relations more. We now have someone specifically coordinating volunteers at concerts and events, someone working with artists who take BWM on the road with them, and someone who manages the website email address...all things that I've been doing, without the ability to focus on them individually with excellence. I'm excited to be a little more proactive in my work, rather than just keeping up.

The other day I added some upright to a couple of songs that Sandra McCracken has been putting together...a new record to be released by the end of the year, called The Builder and the Architect. The single that is available through her site is one we worked on about a month ago.


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