Thursday, September 08, 2005


I'm in the middle of a 45 minute break before playing a showcase for James Tealy at Rocketown here in Nashville. I was part of his record back in january, and he is playing a 30 minute showcase for some record company folks and whoever else shows up. Its good to play with friends Will Sayles, Paul Moak and Ben Shive. I have a long standing joke with Will that I'll never come into his house. I drive by it every day (about 5 minutes from us) and think of him, but have never actually been inside.

We've been doing some shopping, trying to get ready for DC next week. Cari and I will be travelling there for the CCAI dinner ( Jars of Clay will be playing a few songs and Blood:Water Mission will be honored for our work in Africa. My parents will be staying with Sam for a few days, which will be a huge adjustment for Cari and I...we haven't had more than a night without him in his 2 years of life! We can't wait...

I'll be heading to Louisville, TN (near Knoxville) tomorrow and Las Vegas on Saturday with Little Big Town. We're part of the Double Down Throwdown in Vegas, and I'm sure things will be hopping in the casinos on a Saturday with all the college football games in action. And I'll be home Sunday morning to catch the first Titans game...hopefully they'll get off to a good start, though many people's expectations are pretty low. I personally think they'll have a decent season as long as they stay healthy.


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