Friday, September 23, 2005

Kyle Matthews

I have the privilege of working with Kyle Matthews again...for a release by early next year. He's such a great writer, with songs recorded by a variety of artists. Mitch Dane is at the production helm, and Andy Hubbard on drums. Its been a tracking whirlwind, working on about 12 songs in 2 days (plus a couple of hours today). Many of the songs are based on piano rather than guitar, which gives a fresh approach and sound compared to most of the projects ongoing in nashvegas.

Time has been moving far too fast. Our neighborhood group started back up this week, and it is so good to be plugging in with a small community again. It definitely helps pull the focus away from self and household...which need to be tended but also can't be the sole center of attention. I'm reminded that there are so many needs within close proximity, as well as countless reasons to give thanks. It is great news that God speaks for the oppressed and homeless, the poor and the widows and orphans...and He not only speaks for them, but remains faithful in caring for them. There is not a greater advocate to have, and we should be image bearers of Christ in this also.


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