Saturday, August 20, 2005

busy week

Well, the weekend is here, and thankfully so! This week's activities included a couple of days in the studio, a full week of Blood:Water Mission work, and somehow squeezing in a fair amount of family time. I worked with Andy Osenga on a project he's producing, and with Mitch Dane producing Andy Dolson (artist from OH). Both were a joy, and opportunities to share the rhythm section with Paul Eckberg.

We are doing some suit shopping over the weekend, trying to avoid the 100+ degree temps as well as take care of a few things on the to-do list. I have some meetings and dinners coming up that call for nicer dress than I have in my we're trying to see what is out there (and there is plenty) and what will work. It was kind of shocking to see myself in a suit and tie! Of course the price tags can do that just as well.

I was reading in Psalms this morning and I kept seeing the phrase "steadfast love and faithfulness." But today the word before the phrase is what surprised me...MY--as in God's--steadfast love and faithfulness. He is faithful while we are not, and He loves completely while we are all over the map under the controls of selfishness and motivation. What good news indeed!


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