Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The weeks go by

We sat on the back porch after dinner watching a beautiful sunset...so nice to have the extra hour of sunlight during the day. Sam appears to be enjoying the later sunrise in the morning as well (ok, maybe its mom and dad that are truly benefitting from it).

I've been working, working, working the last few weeks. I'm finishing up my work with Rick this week...some painting, flooring, and probably a little more electrical work. I cut my hand in a couple of places on Friday with a utility knife--that blade just sinks right in and leaves a solid pain! Thankfully the spots weren't deep, as they have healed up for the most part over the weekend. I was scared more than anything, anxious to see how bad I had hurt myself. Ahh, the joys of being a musician but enjoying to work with my hands in construction/remodeling.

I've been working hard to also put in some time replying to the 10-20 emails received daily for Blood:Water Mission. Some of the questions are brief and repetitive, and some take some time to think over and reply. We are thrilled with the response and the excitement building across the states and even in parts of the world as people learn about our work. My volunteer life working especially on donor relations and several other small hats may be solidifying into part-time work as the summer arrives. This is a blessing that will allow me to continue to pour into this work long term...please be praying for me and all of us involved.

I will be writing for the weekly 850 Words of Relevant newsletter occasionally, so if you'd like to get on their mailing list go to www.relevantmagazine.com. I don't believe the newsletter articles are on the website, so only the newsletter recipients see them. I'll try to give a heads up before the next one happens.


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