Tuesday, November 23, 2004

roman shades

My body seems to be catching up a little from the crazy hours and travel over the weekend, though it was so hard to wake up as I forced myself out of bed this morning. Cari and I worked late last night on more homemade roman shades for the windows throughout the house. The process is getting a little easier and more efficient—we’ll be on a roll by the time we finish! They look great, though, and I’m thankful for Cari’s vision and ideas—and her sewing abilities.

This afternoon I’m meeting with some friends to do some songwriting. They’ve actually started the song, but asked me to come in to help with chords and so forth. It is a City Church original, which is fun to be a part of…and something I look forward to more and more. Speaking of City Church, I’ll be home for many Sundays in a row now, as well as Thursday evening neighborhood group meetings. I’ve been longing to get back into that routine and fellowship, and the time is finally here.

Thanksgiving is drawing near too, only two days away. I’m anxious to spend time with family and re-center around the ideas of thankfulness, gratitude, and giving that are vital to my mental health and growth.


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