Friday, November 26, 2004

The day after Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all who read this…I am thankful to have friends and family who care to check out my thoughts and experiences from time to time—some more frequently than others. It thrills me when someone mentions something from my blog and asks more questions. Sometimes I realize I can be confusing, and other times I am grateful for the ability to explain thoroughly. Nothing beats one on one contact, though, so no one can settle for online communication as an absolute .

We have been blessed with the presence of our extended Sands family for the weekend. The 6 inches of snow that hit central IL Wednesday afternoon/evening kept them from leaving as planned, but they made it to the house here in Nashville around 3:30 Thursday afternoon. There were some final preparations to be made, including a turkey that took a little longer than expected to finish cooking, and we finally sat down around 6pm to enjoy our feast in our new place around our new table. How thankful we truly are for the provision by God of the simple things as well as the intense, unbelievable blessings.

Today (Friday), we took advantage of a relaxed morning and then went to Calypso Café for lunch. We were sad that Davinci’s and Baja Burrito were closed, but Calypso always satisfies. It is Jennifer’s birthday (my brother Eric’s wife), and we celebrated throughout the day. Somehow Cari and I were able to be away for an hour this afternoon for much needed exercise down at the Shelby Bottoms. The fresh 60 degree air and sunshine gave us new life and a chance to take a breath together and personally give thanks. We made it back just before Sam woke up from his nap…

Not sure what tomorrow holds in terms of events and festivities, but hope we are not the only ones joyful during this season. God is certainly faithful and His promises never fail. If only we knew how to ask for more and truly desired for more…that is the challenge.


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