Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Calling to himself

When God calls someone to himself, it is like a boy, long trapped in a pitch black room, suddenly seeing before him a burning torch. By the light of the torch, the boy begins to see things around him that he couldn't see before. He starts understanding the room's design. He sees furniture, shelves, pictures, books, decorations - so much to explore. Over time he will study the things on the shelves and throughout the room, and when he feels as though he's seen it all, he finds a door to another room.

Thus it continues, room after room, and returning to rooms in remembrance and for reorientation. The rooms and halls are not always awe-inspiring - in fact, some are threatening. But the torch and the experiences in other rooms propel the boy into each new place with strength and encouragement.

Surely he will become bored - yes, at points. Sometimes distracted. Sometimes the light seems to darken and not be enough, but at that moment new assurance rushes in. The same cause of the torch in the first place is the one that gives perseverance and endurance. Such is the power of God's salvation and the risen Christ!


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