Sunday, November 11, 2007

Africa time

The past couple of weeks have been a blur since returning from Africa. For one thing I've come home to a season of planning and budgeting for 2008 with BWM. This is an exciting phase but also exhausting as we try to lay out in detail our goals for next year and how to reach them. Its also busy at home, with a sick child, a car that needs replaced, and something going on every evening it seems. The weekend has brought some much needed rest thankfully.

The first week home I mostly felt a physical weariness, my body recovering from hours of travel, jetlag and different foods. The second week has been much more of a mental weariness, with the constant feelings of "I can't catch up...I can't get anything done...How do I find time to relax". This is especially true with keeping up with emails, which bogged down as soon as I felt like I had finally caught up. Email is a violent circle because as soon as you catch up, everyone replies! Ah the joys of technology.

Hope to post more this week with some video or photos from the trip. If I can find the time...

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