Sunday, January 21, 2007

another anniversary

My resolution to update my blog more frequently this year has gone where most resolutions go...not quite the trash can, but not as successful as desired. But I'm still here!

Last week we celebrated 8 years of marriage. Its hard to believe time has moved so quickly, yet I remember well the wedding and honeymoon in Aruba. A smile appears each year when the Sundance Film Festival makes headlines. I remember walking off the airplane with Cari, straight from tropical Aruba, into the airport in Salt Lake City. We joined the Jars guys to drive into the mountains to Park City for a showcase during the film festival. A little awkward, perhaps, at least until the initial, "What have you been up to?" had been asked.

Fast forward to 2007 and so much has changed. January has been extremely busy in the Sands household. I've had quite a few music opportunities, as well as an insane month in my non-profit world. December brought a tremendous response in giving and growth for Blood:Water Mission. I'm still catching up in a lot of ways, but also excited to be sharing the load with 2 new friends. This month we've welcomed Matthew Provo into the fold to head up our grassroots work in the US as well as most things marketing. Next month Barak Bruerd is joining us as the 1000 Wells Project Manager. This has been a long time coming, and we're already sighing some relief as we move into our 3rd official year.

A team just left for Africa for Blood:Water Mission...please pray for Jena Lee, Christopher and Suzanne Williams, Charlie and Sonja Lowell, Brandon Heath, Steve Garber, and Elliot Garber. They will be in Kenya and Uganda visiting many of our friends, and will return at the beginning of February.

Musically, this month I've played for projects with Justin Rosolino as well as Mitch Dane. Also in the mix were a couple of shows with Matthew West, a showcase with Michael Olson, and a show at a local club with Billy Cerveny. This coming weekend I'm doing a last minute fill-in with Caedmon's Call for a conference in North Carolina. I've enjoyed the mix of some live shows along with studio opportunities.

Each year as our anniversary date nears (or passes) I read Manalive by G.K. Chesterton. Its one of my favorite books. I love the images portrayed in the book, challenging me to take seriously Christ's admonition to see the world through the eyes of a child and to be filled with pure joy and hope. It is contagious. It is paradoxical. It is revolutionary. And it might even change the way other people live too. I think of this most in marriage...what better place to start living this way, affecting household, family, friends, community and beyond. All to the glory of God.


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