Thursday, December 28, 2006

the end of 2006...reflection and realignment

The end of the year tends to bring two R's to my life: reflection and realignment. I often turn to one of my favorite authors to assist in this process, and Wendell Berry wrote and released Andy Catlett: Early Travels just in time.

First some reflection...

our family has increased by one, with the arrival of Willa Kile on November 26.

Sam is 3 1/2 and loving playing guitars, singing, reading, and playing with his cars, megablocks construction set, and trains. (oh, and helping make fudge, too)

Blood:Water Mission continues to grow and solidify, and my role as well. Celebrate with us by viewing our Christmas E-Card.

I also continue to grow in my music career, playing bass in the studio frequently for various projects and producers. In addition, we've been blessed through our church community and friends here in Nashville. What a joy to walk in the interwoven life God has given and continues to grow.

Lastly, some realignment...

I just finished Berry's new novel about Andy Catlett. Looking at it in the bookstore, I was a little disappointed to find only 140 pages of writing. But it is more of a "yearning for more" than a disappointment of incompletion.

Wendell offers a longing for a simpler life...less distractions, more intentionality, more cycles to carry us (seasons), less busyness for the sake of busyness. He doesn't just offer it or give it--he restores it. His stories and writing pull me from the present and show me a past, which may differ completely from my story, yet brings joy and rest in reflection of my own past along with some formulation of "what now" to live in the midst of the present and future worlds. His writing is transformational.

The past is gone, that is true. Time brings changes that usher in new generations and shut doors to some traditions. We can mourn. Yes, we can fight. But we must also step forward in hope that the foundation laid by the past will support the building of something more glorious in God's economy and kingdom. Fear is the enemy in this...and it can only be conquered by freedom. We can only be free if we give our cares and fears over the One who can bear them. After all, that is why Jesus came, to conquer death and the fears that exist because of it.

May we find peace and rest in this freedom in the year(s) to come...

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