Thursday, September 29, 2005

where I am

I find myself standing on a rehearsal stage in Nashville as I type this...preparing to rehearse with Jars for a show Saturday evening in NJ. Its been a couple of months since the last show, and we're rehearsing with Jeremy Lutito, a drummer here in town. We've run in the same circles, but never met until today. Should be fun to play the ol' songs (and a few new ones) and spend some time together. I think we're playing "Waiting", which will be on the Songs From Chronicles of Narnia cd.

I've transitioned out of some of my workload with Blood:Water Mission to help me gradually focus on donor relations more. We now have someone specifically coordinating volunteers at concerts and events, someone working with artists who take BWM on the road with them, and someone who manages the website email address...all things that I've been doing, without the ability to focus on them individually with excellence. I'm excited to be a little more proactive in my work, rather than just keeping up.

The other day I added some upright to a couple of songs that Sandra McCracken has been putting together...a new record to be released by the end of the year, called The Builder and the Architect. The single that is available through her site is one we worked on about a month ago.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Kyle Matthews

I have the privilege of working with Kyle Matthews again...for a release by early next year. He's such a great writer, with songs recorded by a variety of artists. Mitch Dane is at the production helm, and Andy Hubbard on drums. Its been a tracking whirlwind, working on about 12 songs in 2 days (plus a couple of hours today). Many of the songs are based on piano rather than guitar, which gives a fresh approach and sound compared to most of the projects ongoing in nashvegas.

Time has been moving far too fast. Our neighborhood group started back up this week, and it is so good to be plugging in with a small community again. It definitely helps pull the focus away from self and household...which need to be tended but also can't be the sole center of attention. I'm reminded that there are so many needs within close proximity, as well as countless reasons to give thanks. It is great news that God speaks for the oppressed and homeless, the poor and the widows and orphans...and He not only speaks for them, but remains faithful in caring for them. There is not a greater advocate to have, and we should be image bearers of Christ in this also.

Monday, September 19, 2005

from the latest Blood:Water Mission newsletter

Blood:Water Mission on the Radio!

We are excited to share with you a recent interview with the members of Jars of Clay as well as John and Avril Thomas, who run the Living Hope Center in Cape Town, South Africa. Go to to hear answers to these questions and more:
  • How did Jars of Clay start Blood:Water Mission?
  • What is the Living Hope Community Center? How widespread is the problem? Is the problem too big to solve? How did Jars of Clay connect with Living Hope?
  • What can we do here in the US?
  • How is HIV/AIDS intertwined with homelessness and poverty?
Sell items on ebay to benefit Blood:Water Mission
We are now registered with MissionFish to easily donate 10-100% of your proceeds to Blood:Water Mission. Go to to look us up in their index and to learn more information about this great opportunity of involvement.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Recovering red eyes heading to DC

Just a quick note that the trip to Las Vegas went well, though I definitely have some sleep to catch up with. Thankfully that started last night. Cari and I are headed to DC for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute Banquet...we are excited to have some time together--in DC of all places:) I'll try to post from there, but it may be pretty busy and difficult to do. Blessings!

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I'm in the middle of a 45 minute break before playing a showcase for James Tealy at Rocketown here in Nashville. I was part of his record back in january, and he is playing a 30 minute showcase for some record company folks and whoever else shows up. Its good to play with friends Will Sayles, Paul Moak and Ben Shive. I have a long standing joke with Will that I'll never come into his house. I drive by it every day (about 5 minutes from us) and think of him, but have never actually been inside.

We've been doing some shopping, trying to get ready for DC next week. Cari and I will be travelling there for the CCAI dinner ( Jars of Clay will be playing a few songs and Blood:Water Mission will be honored for our work in Africa. My parents will be staying with Sam for a few days, which will be a huge adjustment for Cari and I...we haven't had more than a night without him in his 2 years of life! We can't wait...

I'll be heading to Louisville, TN (near Knoxville) tomorrow and Las Vegas on Saturday with Little Big Town. We're part of the Double Down Throwdown in Vegas, and I'm sure things will be hopping in the casinos on a Saturday with all the college football games in action. And I'll be home Sunday morning to catch the first Titans game...hopefully they'll get off to a good start, though many people's expectations are pretty low. I personally think they'll have a decent season as long as they stay healthy.

Friday, September 02, 2005

terrifying and humbling

The images from the effects of Katrina are terrifying and humbling. They are numbing. They are motivating. Experiencing this wide of expanse of emotions is rare. Over and over again I remind myself that I am of the same flesh and blood as any other human. I am capable of evil beyond my imagination and good beyond my desires. When watching the footage, talking about it with friends, and spending moments in silence, let us remember these things.

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